JBFC Kids Football Coaching
JBFC Kids Football Coaching

Sign up for JBFC Kids Football Coaching in 2019

For a limited time only, JBFC Kids Football Coaching is accepting new recruits to sign up for the new term.

We return to our outdoor venue in April 2019 as Jubilee Field in Great Horkesley will host the JBFC Kids Football Coaching through the summer.

More than 150 children have learned, played football, had fun and met new friends through JBFC Kids Football Coaching Saturday Club sessions since we launched way back in 2013.

And now, even more boys and girls will get the chance to play the beautiful game in a fun, friendly and relaxed setting, thanks to JBFC Kids Football Coaching.

However, with limited spaces available, parents must register their child’s details with JBFC Kids Football Coaching early. Use the form at the bottom of the page to ensure they don’t miss out! 

Fun coaching sessions aimed at introducing kids to football, building confidence and technical ability as well as a chance to test out their skills in friendly matches against other children within the group.

Sessions are one hour long and age-appropriate for the players within the group. Cost is £60 per child for 12 weeks.

Futsal is the world’s official form of five-a-side football, played indoors on a hard court with a smaller ball, and is aimed at promoting skills and technical ability.

While it’s still an up and coming style of the game in England, it’s been played in many other nations for a long time and has played a part in the development of some of the world’s top players, like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi Hernandez, Ronaldinho and even the legendary Pele all played Futsal growing up.

Watch the video below to see more about the game of Futsal and what your child could learn with JBFC during weekly, one-hour sessions. Costs from £5 per child per session.

Giving pre-school boys and girls aged three and up a chance to take their first steps in the game, learning some of the fundamentals of sport in a football environment, while sharing their experiences with their parents during 45-minute sessions. Cost from £5 per child per session.

"My son loves your football coaching. You deliver the sessions in a nurturing, respectful manner, which motivates him to give each session his best shot."
Mrs L
Mother of nine-year-old