dribbling and passing practice

Football Practice: Attacking Dribbling and Passing (a)

This football practice can help your players develop their attacking with dribbling and passing.

It’s great for kids and younger players, but can be used an adapted for players at all levels.


  • Area 15x10yds with four goals in corners, as illustrated.
  • Seven players (incl. two GKs), one ball.
  • Practice starts with three players in central safe zone, with Defender and GK defending goal at either end.
  • If Attackers’ progress is blocked, they can take ball back into safe zone and attack in other direction.
  • Should GK save an attempt on goal, the goalkeeper should roll the ball to the defender if possible, who then transfers the ball into D in the opposite half. If not, GK throws D in the other half.
  • D receiver then attempts to turn and score against GK at that end.

Practice Detail

  • After a GK save: rolling-out to D and transferring ball across allows recovery time for As.
  • Ds work hard to dispossess As and/or block attempts at goal.
  • Ds receive opportunity to pass, receive, turn and shoot for goal whilst As re-group.
  • Simple progressions for this practice are:
  • Increase ratio of As to Ds (3v2, 4v2 etc).
  • Encourage attacking whilst outnumbered (2v3, 1v2) if working with talented players.
  • Defend one single goal, placed centrally, at each end.

Coaching Points

  • Recognition of potential passing options when the central A player takes the ball-on towards goal.
  • Drawing D and moving with ball to create space for others to receive passes.
  • Delivering balls to supporting players and weighting passes into space for team mates to run onto.
  • Disguise passes to outwit D.
  • Practise attacking with width.
  • Crossing and finishing.