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The UEFA European Championship is about to kick off as 24 of Europe’s top footballing nations arrive on French soil all aiming for a place in the Final on Sunday 10 July.

To make things easy so you can plan your diary so you don’t miss a kick, here’s our chronological Euro 2016 Fixtures Planner, including details of what TV channel you’ll need to tune in to for each group game!

FtblCmn’s Euro 2016 Fixtures Planner

(All times BST, one hour behind French time)


Friday 10 June

Euro 2016 Fixtures Planner

Group A
France v Romania
8pm, Saint-Denis (ITV)

Saturday 11 June
Group A
Albania v Switzerland
2pm, Lens (BBC)

Group B
Wales v Slovakia
5pm, Bordeaux (BBC)

England v Russia
8pm, Marseille (ITV)

Sunday 12 June
Group D
Turkey v Croatia
2pm, Paris (ITV)

Group C
Poland v Northern Ireland
5pm, Nice (BBC)

Germany v Ukraine
8pm, Lille (BBC)

Monday 13 June
Group D
Spain v Czech Republic
2pm, Toulouse (ITV)

Group E
Republic of Ireland v Sweden
5pm, Saint-Denis (BBC)

Belgium v Italy
8pm, Lyon (ITV)

Tuesday 14 June
Group F
Austria v Hungary
5pm, Bordeaux (ITV)

Portugal v Iceland
8pm, Saint-Etienne (BBC)

Wednesday 15 June
Group B
Russia v Slovakia
2pm, Lille (BBC)

Group A
Romania v Switzerland
5pm, Paris (ITV)

France v Albania
8pm, Marseille (ITV)

Thursday 16 June
Group B
England v Wales
2pm, Lens (BBC)

Group C
Ukraine v Northern Ireland
5pm, Lyon (ITV)

Germany v Poland
8pm, Saint-Denis (ITV)

Friday 17 June
Group E
Italy v Sweden
2pm, Toulouse (ITV)

Group D
Czech Republic v Croatia
5pm, Saint-Etienne (BBC)

Group D
Spain v Turkey
8pm, Nice (ITV)

Saturday 18 June
Group E
Belgium v Republic of Ireland
2pm, Bordeaux (ITV)

Group F
Iceland v Hungary
5pm, Marseille (BBC)

Group F
Portugal v Austria
8pm, Paris (BBC)

Sunday 19 June
Group A
Romania v Albania
8pm, Lyon (BBC)

Switzerland v France
8pm, Lille (BBC)

Monday 20 June
Group B
Russia v Wales
8pm, Toulouse (ITV)

Slovakia v England
8pm, Saint-Etienne (ITV)

Tuesday 21 June
Group C
Ukraine v Poland
5pm, Marseille (BBC)

Northern Ireland v Germany
5pm, Paris (BBC)

Group D
Czech Republic v Turkey
8pm, Lens (ITV)

Croatia v Spain
8pm, Bordeaux (ITV)

Wednesday 22 June
Group F
Iceland v Austria
5pm, Saint-Denis (BBC)

Hungary v Portugal
5pm, Lyon (BBC)

Group E
Italy v Republic of Ireland
8pm, Lille (ITV)

Sweden v Belgium
8pm, Stade de Nice (ITV)


Round of 16

Saturday 25 June
1: Runner-up A v Runner-up C
2pm, Saint-Etienne

2: Winner Group B v Third Group A/C/D
5pm, Paris

3: Winner Group D v Third Group B/E/F
8pm, Lens

Sunday 26 June
4: Winner Group A v Third Group C/D/E
2pm, Lyon

5: Winner Group C v Third Group A/B/F
5pm, Lille

6: Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E
8pm, Toulouse

Monday 27 June
7: Winner Group E v Runner-up Group D
5pm, Saint-Denis

8: Runner-up Group B v Runner-up Group F
8pm, Nice


Thursday 30 June
QF1: Winner 1 v Winner 3
8pm, Marseille

Friday 1 July
QF2: Winner 2 v Winner 6
8pm, Lille

Saturday 2 July
QF3: Winner 5 v Winner 7
8pm, Bordeaux

Sunday 3 July
QF4: Winner 4 v Winner 8
8pm, Saint-Denis


Wednesday 6 July
Winner QF1 v Winner QF2
8pm, Lyon

Thursday 7 July
Winner QF3 v Winner QF4
8pm, Marseille

The Final

Sunday 10 July
8pm, Saint-Denis

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