JBFC Football
Great Horkesley's Jubilee Field has been the home to JBFC Kids Football Coaching in Colchester since 2013

Renew JBFC Registration for Spring / Summer 2022 Term

The new JBFC Football spring / summer term will run from Saturday 16 April 2022 until Saturday 16 July 2022 in Great Horkesley.

There will also be a bonus 13th session this term (usually 12 weeks) while there will be a weekend off on Saturday 4 June, following the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday on the Friday.

Cost for the term will remain at £60 per child. For our terms outside in Great Horkesley, families registering two siblings for JBFC will benefit from a discount to £50 per player. For families registering three or more siblings, pay for two and additional children are free (ie child one £60, child two £60, child three FREE, child four FREE etc.)

Please complete the form below to secure your child’s/children’s place(s) and also confirm if you are interested in any JBFC Football kit.

Thanks very much