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JBFC Lockdown Football Challenge: Part Two

Just because you’re not allowed out to play football with your friends, doesn’t mean you must stop playing completely.

And to give you some skills and techniques to test you with, JBFC Football Coaching has a new Lockdown Football Challenge to help you practice and develop.

Over the coming days and weeks, you can practice skills in your garden by following the JBFC Lockdown Ball Mastery sessions and when you are ready you can try these challenges, too.

This second challenge, building on the first keep-up game, is a chance to show how you can start your keep-ups. There are lots of ways to get the ball up off the ground and begin juggling, but what’s your favourite way? Check out the video below for some tips, or watch the JBFC how to do keep-ups beginners guide, here.

And remember, it’s all about testing and challenging yourself, so keep practicing, have fun and Love The Ball!

Once you’ve had a go at JBFC Lockdown Football Challenge part one, try the next challenge, click the button below…

JBFC will help you learn how to play football and improve your soccer skills on your own, with simple, fun practices, games and challenges during the lockdown. JBFC is a kids’ football coaching school based in on the Essex and Suffolk border near Colchester, and has been giving children the chance to learn to play the game in a fun and friendly environment since 2013.

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