JBFC Football Covid-19 Protocol

NHS QR CODE SCANNING: Any player/parent who attends a JBFC Football session must ‘CHECK-IN’ using the NHS QR Code Scanning app. The QR code (pictured on below) will be displayed around the venue, and also available to download, here.

Download NHS QR Code Scanning app to your device:
Apple Store (IOS), click here
Google Play, click here

The information stays on the user’s phone. In England, you do not have to ask people who choose to ‘check-in’ using the official NHS QR code to provide their contact details. If there is an outbreak associated with a venue, a message will be sent to the relevant app users with the necessary public health advice.

This will help to avoid the reintroduction of lockdown measures and support the country to return to, and maintain, a more normal way of life.

In addition to maintaining and sharing records where requested and displaying an official NHS QR poster, you must also continue to follow other government guidance to minimise the transmission of COVID-19. This includes maintaining a safe working environment and following social distancing guidelines.

SYMPTOMS: In line with current Government guidance, prior to sessions all participants (players, coaches, volunteers, spectators etc.) should self-check for symptoms of Covid-19. If an individual is symptomatic, has a high temperature and/or is living in a household with a possible Covid-19 infection they should not come to JBFC Football sessions, must remain at home and follow Government guidance.

SYMPTOMS DEVELOPING: If symptoms develop within seven days of a JBFC Football session, parents are asked to contact JBFC and advise.

HAND SANITIZER: Each player should bring their own hand sanitizer to JBFC Football sessions and are encourage to clean their hands before and as soon as the session is finished.

PPE: Gloves will be available for all coaches / volunteers involved. They will be advised to bring their own face coverings if they feel it is appropriate.

EQUIPMENT: Children must be guided not to touch equipment e.g. cones and footballs. The focus will be on kicking the ball and limiting any touching of the ball with hands. If you have young children, please help them to understand this before they attend any sessions.

BIBS: Clean bibs will be provided for players each session.

WATER BOTTLES: Each player should bring their own water bottles, clearly marked, to use during sessions.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Players and spectators must adhere to social distancing guidelines where possible.

INJURIES / TREATMENT: Parents must attend to their own child, except in the case of a severe injury in which case the JBFC Coach / First Aider will attend under the parent’s supervision.

GOAL CELEBRATIONS: At present group celebrations are not allowed.

RISK ASSESSMENT: To view the JBFC Football Covid-19 Risk Assessment, click here

FA GUIDANCE: To view the latest Covid-19 guidance from the Football Association, click here