Lockdown Football Challenges

JBFC Lockdown Football Challenges


Just because you’re not allowed out to play football with your friends, doesn’t mean you must stop playing completely, so we have a series of Lockdown Football Challenges and Skills videos to help you practice and develop until JBFC starts again…

And anyone who sends in a video to me via email coach@jbfc.co.uk or posts on Facebook tagging in JBFCFootballCoaching will be entered into a draw to win a free 1-2-1 coaching session with JBFC when the Lockdown is over. 

So, click on the links below to see the different challenges and ball mastery skills videos that you can try at home. 

There’s even a How To Do Keep-Ups beginners guide video to help you get started… And remember to keep practicing, have fun, and Love The Ball…

Lockdown Ball Mastery Skills

Check out our ball mastery skills videos to practice at home

Click to enter Level One…

Lockdown Ball Mastery

Click to enter Level Two…

Lockdown Ball Mastery

Click to enter Level Three

Lockdown Ball mastery

Click to enter Level Four

Lockdown Challenges

Try these challenges and see how you get on…

Lockdown Challenge One

Click to try Challenge One

Lockdown Challenge Two

Click to try Challenge Two

Lockdown Challenge Three

Click to try Challenge Three

Lockdown Challenge

Click to try Challenge Four

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